The Jealous Wall, Belvedere County Westmeath

The Jealous Wall built in 14th Century to block the view of Lady Rochford seeing her accused lover.

Shrewsbury, England

Shrewsbury, an old medieval town in the West Midlands of England. It is the county town of Shropshire and River Severn.

Lough Ennell, Ireland

Lough Ennell with shallow waters has the some of the best spawning streams of any Lough in Europe.

The Ruins of Fore Abbey

Fore Abbey (630AD) is a Benedictine Abbey ruin, situated north of Lough Lene in County Westmeath, Ireland.

Tullynally Castle, 17th Century

Tullynally Castle is situated 2 km from Castlepollard on the Coole Village Road in County Westmeath, Ireland.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Another website: Helen Hagemann's Studio

Check out my current website Helen Hagemann's Studio. I post the latest news about my publications, reviews, book clubs and recent book launches. I also have a section where you can buy my books. Luckily, I am due to have another novel published The Ozone Cafe by Adelaide Books LLC, New York USA in October 2021.

Helen Hagemann has poetry and prose published in major Australian literary journals, including Westerly, Southerly, Cordite, Ashbery Mode (Tinfish 2019) and The Adelaide Literary Magazine (USA). In 2004, she won an ASA poetry mentorship studying with NSW poet, Jean Kent. In 2008, she won a Macquarie /Varuna Longlines Poetry Scholarship with her manuscript Evangelyne & Other Poems published in 2009 in the Australian Poetry Centre’s New Poet Series (Melbourne). In 2013, of Arc & Shadow was published by Sunline Press, Cottesloe WA. Helen holds an Masters in Writing from Edith Cowan University, writes reviews and has been accepted into writing residencies throughout the world. She is currently working on a children’s collection of poetry titled Miniscule, a prose poetry collection /cross media platform on Instagram titled Bounty. Helen has completed a third novel, The Last Asbestos Town, and is published (May 2020) by Adelaide Books, New York USA.

Friday, 6 November 2020



i'm reporting that my debut novel is doing really well. Aside from the sales of ebooks from, I am also selling from my stock of books. My friends at my exercise class have supported me and not only bought the book, but has circulated it's release. I have sold about 80 books and this is including 15 to book clubs. If you are in a book club, I would love to hear from you as I still have a good stock, although dwindling. I can be contacted at - I can also deliver to your door (Perth metropolitan area) and attend your session to hear your discussion. I love getting feedback and while the book has been bought by my friens (over 60s) they are now passing it on to their adult children. Also getting great feedback from them.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

FREE EBOOK - The Last Asbestos Town

I'm offering a FREE EBook as a giveaway to anyone doing it tough during Covid-19. You can contact me @ and I will provide a link to Smashwords with a code that will allow you to purchase a Kindle copy, an ePub or an eReader copy at $ 0.00 There are so many people in Melbourne and Sydney, the UK even in the US who have either lost their job, been kept isolated from others or are in forced quarantine. Just write me a short reason why it's tough for you during "Lockdown" and I will supply up to 4-5 book links to those individuals. My publishers, Adelaide Books LLC New York, offered the free ebook for family & friends, however I haven't had to use it yet, so I can still supply this link to worthy people. The main thing is you have to open a Smashwords account, so people savvy with opening online accounts, or those willing to try should only apply. Good luck!

Just a note:  My novel will delight, entertain, intrigue and have you smiling!

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

My Debut Novel: The Last Asbestos Town

Getting published in a Covid-19 year has certainly started out as a challenge. I have been published in New York, USA by Adelaide Books LLC and whilst I'm grateful that the publisher didn't close, I don't have the books yet. Nor does it look like I will get my stock until three to four months down the track. My publisher's only comment at the moment has been that they will start distribution when things get back to normal. And I'm guessing that's when airport transport/ie shipping & handling resume from New York. Nevertheless, I can't wait to hold the book in my hand and to visit a few book clubs (with family members) and hear what they have to say about the book.
Read the first chapter on Amazon
Buy from publisher (if you live in the US)

Get in touch

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Flash Fiction - 30 words - April 2020

Flash Fiction - the empty harbour

no-shops no-pubs no-beer no-wine no-diners no-haircuts no-dresses no-hats no-scarves no-thongs no-shoes no-parties no-surfboards no-tourists no-souvenirs no-galleries no-books no-ukuleles no-fish&chips no-icecream no-gelato no-toasties no-picnics  no-seats no-waterslides, no-rides no-ferries no-toilets no-hugs no-smiles

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The Ozone Cafe - update!

The Ozone Café by Aileen Hawkes  

The Ozone Café 

It's amazing how things can change in the writing world. I was nearly close to self-publishing with Amazon. However, I realize since working with the novel in my critiquing group that it certainly wasn't ready! So it's back to being a WIP (work-in-progress) and to me it is starting to look like a better book. I hadn't filled in the descriptions/traits/looks of my main characters, nor did I outline some of the minor ones. When you're in a group, those writers that are critiquing you are "readers" and obviously they find the gaps, errors, typos, missed character descriptions, etc. Originally the manuscript was only 56,000 words - much too short! So now with a lot of additions I am hoping to get it as fat as 70,000 words by including missing scenes, a little more emotional engagement, back story, and possibly dialogue traits that will describe my characters a little differently than sounding like each other.
    Having other eyes on your work is crucial! I appreciate the help I'm getting as other writers comments are way better than any close relatives or friends saying, 'oh, that's great!' You know very well that it isn't.  
The Ozone Cafe (above) has also been drawn by an OOTA writer/artist Aileen Hawkes. I may be able to use it, and I'm very grateful to her for taking the time to produce such an exact copy. I will be sending the novel to Adelaide Books LLC, New York as they are publishing my debut novel The Last Asbestos Town.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Publishing a Novel - The Ozone Cafe

Writing a novel is one thing, but getting the manuscript published is another. I have sent this novel The Ozone Cafe to all major publishers including Pan McMillan, Allan & Unwin, to writing competitions including the Caledonian Novel Award, Varuna Publishing Programs and to my state's publisher Fremantle Press. I received rejection after rejection or in some instances utter silence.
My latest venture is to self-publish with Imagine to my surprise when I wrote to the History Dept of the Gosford Shire Library, how pleased I was to be granted permission to use the "original" photograph of the Ozone Cafe that occupied the Cnr of Memorial Avenue & Beach Street, Ettalong N.S.W.
Here is their reply:

Good morning Helen,
Thank you for your email.
We are happy to grant permission for you to use the photograph of the Ozone Café, on the proviso that the following attribution be made:

Ozone Café, Ettalong, circa 1945. Sam Hood photograph courtesy Central Coast Library Service

Are you aware of this photograph also in Gostalgia?

This is the view that Café patrons had from the building. I think it has an air of mystery. You can also use this image if you wish, with the attribution

View of Lion Island from the Ozone Café, Ettalong, circa 1945. Sam Hood photograph courtesy Central Coast Library Service

If you can, we would appreciate a copy of your book for our Local History Collection when published.
I wish your project great success,
Best regards
Geoffrey Potter | Local History Librarian | 5/07/2018