Tuesday, 21 July 2020

FREE EBOOK - The Last Asbestos Town

I'm offering a FREE EBook as a giveaway to anyone doing it tough during Covid-19. You can contact me @ hagemann.helen@gmail.com and I will provide a link to Smashwords with a code that will allow you to purchase a Kindle copy, an ePub or an eReader copy at $ 0.00 There are so many people in Melbourne and Sydney, the UK even in the US who have either lost their job, been kept isolated from others or are in forced quarantine. Just write me a short reason why it's tough for you during "Lockdown" and I will supply up to 4-5 book links to those individuals. My publishers, Adelaide Books LLC New York, offered the free ebook for family & friends, however I haven't had to use it yet, so I can still supply this link to worthy people. The main thing is you have to open a Smashwords account, so people savvy with opening online accounts, or those willing to try should only apply. Good luck!

Just a note:  My novel will delight, entertain, intrigue and have you smiling!


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